Technical Services

MariAid is unique: we are an independent service provider, not an owner or producer of maritime assets. Together with our clients and partners, we work to offer them real value through a special mix of strong strengths. We offer the following services:

  • Ship Management
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Ship Vetting
  • On Board Repair, Maintence & Installation
  • Ship Delivery
  • Condition Monitoring Surveys & Systems
  • Vessel Emergency Support
  • Ship Recycling/Demolition
MariAid Technical Service

Ship Management

As owners continue to try and minimize expenses and balance the books, the popularity of turning over the crew and operating management is growing. But only the best ship managers can prosper in the current economic situation.

Tank Cleaning

We offer tanks cleaning. It is often challenging, very often stressful, but never a problem. It is no longer soap & water that can clean a modern chemical tanker to the required standard perfectly, but goes beyond it With progressive developments and demands becoming more strict in the chemical industry, chemical tankers are now required to clean the cargo compartments to higher standards than they were in previous tim. It is a mixture of experience and skills that can eventually contribute to success in a complete tank cleaning operation and our mission is to put these two fields together to achieve the ultimate success. We have a team of tank cleaning industry experts who are ready to provide all required support/assistance in any tank cleaning operations/cargo tank preparation for chemical cargoes & conversion of ca

Ship Vetting

In the event of Oil Majors Vetting inspection, Pre-vetting Arrangements, we can provide complete support to needed senior officers with comprehensive OCIMF expertise and experience, CDI requirement. Our standby staff can follow full matrix requirements and meet the expectations of the shipping industry for all Oil Majors, provide appropriate training for officers and engineers with the best possible performance assurance

On Board Repair, Maintenance & Installation

Project managers, mechanics and blue collar staff are members of the SRS core team. In order to service large shipping traffic, to reduce travel time, and to encourage us to respond at short notice, we are strategically positioned in the UK, Singapore, US, UAE, etc. We have ample expertise in solving the technical problems of repairs in tough countries (such as West Africa) and how to comply with confusing labour rules and visa regulations.

SRS has recently developed into complicated, fast-track turnkey ventures focused originally on the provision of riding gangs (for which yards do not have enough time, cost flexibility, and engineering capabilities to cope with). As an example, the construction of scrubbers and water ballast treatment systems involves meticulous preparation and, due to optimization of pre- and post-dry dock operation, has proven to be cost-effective.

Ship Delivery

We have a well-experienced Senior & Junior Officers/Engineers and Ratings team to take over ships from anywhere in the world to bring them in a secure and competent way to every destination.

Condition Monitoring Surveys & Systems

Ideally, the PACT Concentrate operation is conducted periodically or before the ship reaches dry dock or for warranty claims. The condition control engineer sails with the vessel for 5 to 6 days and carries out a full health review of the vessel.

The features are as mentioned below:

  • Project and prioritize the ship's dry dock maintenance job
  • Ultimate technology for condition control that extends human senses
  • For each ship, we offer a customised solution
  • Checks according to ISO specifications if available
  • Usage in favor of representations for warranty
  • Guide your maintenance capital to the most needed locations
  • Intrinsically secure ATEX-approved Hazardous Zone Equipment
  • Measured vibration and shock wave data from all equipment. Analysis and consequence interpretation on the spot.
  • Used condition control systems
  • Minimum residue, maximum effects
  • Graphic thermal inspection of all electrical systems and certain important mechanical systems
  • Thickness assessment of structures of vital machinery
  • Detection of friction and vacuum leakage with passive ultrasonic frequency methods
  • Detailed health test study on machinery
  • Output test of main and auxiliary engines and power balance review

Vessel Emergency Support

As an integral part of the emergency response plans, Vessel Emergency Support (VES) Services can be offered. The service can be individually customized to your needs and usually requires:

Hull vessel simulation and registration in our vessel database Immediate stability and structural integrity emergency response guidance 24/365 readiness to offer real-time assistance at the incident site Incorporated as part of the emergency response drill criteria Technique.

A team of seasoned maritime architects with assistance from mariners offers the Vessel Emergency Support Service to ensure the owners have access to the right information when they most need it.

Supporting owners in the implementation of contingency plans and preparation is an important part of our service. We support contingency teams of owners to develop successful incident management and monitoring. This involves providing training for owners on the stability and strength of injury.

Our customers include both dry cargo and tanker operators who, whether the provision is mandated or not, understand the importance of providing access to this form of operation. In the case of harm to a vessel due to grounding, accident or other contingency, we will provide advice on:

  • Resulting stability, drafts and trim
  • Structural integrity, bending moments and shear forces
  • Oil outflow prediction
  • Ground reaction and required tug pull off forces

Software Tools

As an aid to conducting damage stability and hull strength estimates, our team uses Napa tools. Napa accepts data directly from a range of vessel modeling instruments using DXF format hull templates.

This software is used internationally by a variety of classification societies and independent consultants delivering salvage services and is known to be the leading software application for this mission. The software is able to assess the stability and structural integrity of vessels on the basis of their departure status and feedback at the time of the incident obtained from the vessel.

In the case of grounding, it will also forecast possible oil outflow and predict the motions of the vessel as a result of tidal fluctuations, ground reaction forces and the bollard pull required to re-float the vessel. The risk control plan can be vastly strengthened by obtaining our specialist guidance that is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Ship Recycling/Demolition

Demolition Vessels:- MariAid excels in offering a full one-stop solution for vessels bound for demolition at Bangladesh's Chittagong port on their final voyages. This is the technological arm's niche segment. Services include the right to make an informed purchasing decision and the expenses from initial pre-purchase inspections of the vessel on the owner's provided knowledge to get it to its final destination and on behalf of owners to make it sea worthy under its own control or for towing around continents. MariAid also assists in the selling and purchasing of every scrap vessel by streamlining banking formalities. The vast network of business associates around the globe from MariAid primarily helps to solve every dilemma.