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Our innovation model is based on our ability to listen to our customers. Since the onset of the global economic crisis, shipping organizations are waking up to a new reality whereby leveraging on new technologies is crucial. Our innovative solutions offer:

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Why you will take Crew from Bangladesh?

  • Respects other race, creeds, nationals as they are Loyal & Friendly
  • Fully dedicated, Caring, Safe, Secured, Reliable & Faithful
  • Strong English background at Academy & Specially trained on Maritime English Courses
  • Professionally educated, well trained & experienced as per STCW guidelines
  • Young, Energetic, Qualified, highly Skilled & Competent workforce
  • Enthusiastic to work for the multicultural international working team
  • Highly motivated personality with succeeding mandate as per Ship-owners’ requirement
  • Very eager to learn & apply gained knowledge in their professional progression
  • MLC: Bangladesh Ratified MLC on 06 Nov 2014 which convention will come into force on 06 Nov 2015. In accordance with Standard A4.5(2) and (10), the government has specified the following branches of special security: Medical care, Sickness benefit, and employment injury benefit.
  • IMO: Bangladesh is an IMO white listed Country.
  • EMSA: Bangladesh STCW Training is recognized by the European Maritime Safety Agency-EMSA which provides our crew high quality & Competency.

Crew Quality

  • Respect other religions & nationalities.
  • Expect reasonable pay as per MLC/ITF celling
  • Have NO dietary prohibition
  • Contract duration sets by shipowners
  • Willing to work hard in a multicultural environment at Sea.

Our Academic Partners

Bangladesh Marine Academy-BMA
Bangladesh Marine Academy-BMA
National Maritime Institute-NMI
National Maritime Institute-NMI
Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Academy-BMFA
Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Academy-BMFA